Indonesian workforce platform Sampingan announced it has closed a US$5 million series A funding round led by Altara Ventures.

Other investors including Golden Gate Ventures, Antler, Access Ventures, XA Network, and iSeed SEA also participated in the financing round. Sampingan has raised US$7.1 million in total to date.

The funding from the financing round will be allocated toward the expansion of the company’s tech, product, and sales teams.

Founded in 2018, Sampingan – which translates to “side job” – aims to formalize the blue-collar workforce in Indonesia by providing a platform that makes it easier for companies to find and manage their workers, while providing equal opportunities for them in the country. Sampingan has become the largest one-stop blue-collar workforce platform for businesses while providing equal and instant access to opportunities for workers across Indonesia. Sampingan today partners with more than 850,000 temporary and permanent workers, also known as Kawan Sampingan, which translates to Friends of Sampingan.

The Jakarta-based startup to serves over 150 clients including large and small enterprises with a suite of three core offerings: Sampingan Manpower, Sampingan Solutions, and Sampingan Systems. Currently, the company partners with more than 850,000 temporary and permanent workers.

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has also accelerated the need for a workforce solution like Sampingan. The company has observed a substantial increase in the number of partners that joined from March to December 2020 and mobile downloads of the Sampingan app has grown by 4x since the pandemic began, exceeding 1 million downloads today. According to the Indonesian Central Bureau of Statistics ( Badan Pusat Statistik ), approximately 29 million people have been affected by the pandemic, both due to dismissals and reduction of working hours and wages. Sampingan has become an alternative to seeking full-time employment as well as an avenue to obtain additional income.

Sampingan’s offerings provide companies with various services including field force management, crowdsourcing, and market research. It also handles a software-as-a-service suite that helps companies monitor their workforces through performance trackers.

In September 2019, the company raised US$1.5 million in a round led by Golden Gate Ventures. Prior to this, it raised US$600,000 in a pre-seed round in 2018 as part of Antler’s first Singapore cohort.

About Sampingan

Sampingan, which directly translates to side-job in Bahasa Indonesia, is Indonesia’s largest platform that empowers independent blue-collar workers. Sampingan’s mission is to formalize the blue-collar workforce in Indonesia by providing a platform that makes it easier for companies to find and manage their workers while providing equal opportunities for workers in Indonesia.

To provide companies with a one-stop business solution, Sampingan provides three offerings. Sampingan Manpower is a service where companies can hire workers for various positions from more than 850,000 workers, while Sampingan handles the administrative process, including the staffing and the payroll. Sampingan Solutions is a service where Sampingan manages various business process activities from project planning to the final report. These activities range from field force management, crowdsourcing, and market research. Sampingan Systems provides various software as a service (SaaS) for companies to source or manage their workforce. Companies can source their workers through Sampingan Systems Bursa Kerja, a job listing platform, and manage workers through Sampingan Systems Kerjaan, a workforce management software with performance trackers, attendance sheets, and customizable data dashboard. Currently, Sampingan has more than 850,000 workers in 80 cities connected through the platform called Kawan Sampingan, serving over one hundred Indonesian enterprises. For more information, visit